Leesa Freyer


Long-time owner of Yarra Lounge in Yarraville, Leesa has a long history in hospitality due to her love and passion for food and wine. She started her first hospitality business in the UK at the age of 25. She and Stefano lived in Yarraville and used to head down to the Bellarine for weekends away. More and more they wished they didn’t have to return to the city, so when they saw Curlewis was on the market, they thought it couldn’t hurt to check it out.

With Leesa’s impulsive nature, that turned out to be a defining moment in their lives. Wendy and Rainer, the then owners of Curlewis, saw a little of themselves in Stefano and Leesa and decided they would be good custodians for Curlewis. Before long they were leaving their Yarraville house for country life. Having grown up near the Murray River in New South Wales (near the Rutherglen wine district), it was a welcome change for Leesa but this time to be by the ocean, her lifetime dream.

Named by Stefano as ‘minister of fun and finances’, Leesa turns her business mind to running the books for Curlewis, and you’ll regularly spot her pouring wines at the Cellar door.


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