Owner & Winemaker

Stefano Marasco and his partner Leesa Freyer bought Curlewis Winery in 2011. Stefano is an engineer by trade, and this is evident in his attention to detail and drive to incrementally improve the approach to growing and winemaking.

Owner & Min.FAF

Leesa has a long history in hospitality from owning a night club, bar and restaurant and now Curlewis Winery. Leesa runs their new cellar door "Appellation" whereby customers can stay and enjoy the wine and food. You’ll regularly spot her pouring wines at the Cellar door. 

Rainer studied winemaking in Australia and researched winemaking approaches in California and France before desiging his own approach to winemaking appropriate for Pinot Noir grown at Curlewis. His approach has shaped the way Pinot Noirs are made in the region.

Wendy Oliver purchased Curlewis with Rainer Breit in 1997. It’s in the nature of everyone at Curlewis to welcome people into the winery and talk about wine (often enthusiastically and at length) but it was Wendy who first embodied this in the Curlewis experience.

Basil was looking for a new home when he first met the Marasco family. It wasn’t long before this leggy Koolie landed himself a spot by the fire and a little pal named Pablo. He hasn’t looked back.

Pablo was a city dog until he moved to Curlewis with his family. Basil and Pablo are our welcoming committee and often supervise winery operations (unless it's raining, when they're curled up inside).

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